KFC Extra 10% Discounts Promotion!!

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Please do not throw away your KFC, Subway & Pizza Hut receipts!!

Keep the original receipt, you can get 10% discount for future purchase.

Many consumers may or may not notice this. When you look at very bottom of your receipt, there is a section shows “PURCHASE one A’la carte 3pcs chicken (Original or Spicy) at 10% discount on next visit to any KFC restaurant“.

To be eligible redeem the extra 10% discounts, you only need to complete a short online survey at https://u.kfcvisit.com/Index.aspx?LanguageID=US .

**You must complete the online survey within 3 days of the receipt’s date.

** Upon successful completed the survey, you will receive a validation code and has to be written down in that receipt.

** Present your original receipt to enjoy this great offer within 30 days.

** Terms & Conditions apply.

** Valid for dine-in and take away only.

The similar offers also can be found at the bottom of Subway & Pizza Hut receipts. 

Please SHARE this information to your family & friends.




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